January 27, 2019

February 14, 2017

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My First Blog Post (Probably way later than it should be)

March 27, 2016

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GGJ 2019

January 27, 2019

This weekend was the GGJ 2019, an event where you have 48 hours to make a video game. Since there was a local(ish) site hoping the jam, I thought I would go along. I hear networking is good for freelancers.


At the event I joined a team with 5 other people who I enjoyed meeting and making the game with, they all had great personalities and would do well in the industry I’m sure.


The theme this year was “What home means to you”, as vague as it is, we started drafting. We had many discussions about game ideas, including fish, rivers and other things that out of context have nothing to do with home. After a good long while of planning we landed on a humble idea that turned out to be really quirky and fun (If a little broken, but hey, it’s a jam)


We decided on an anti-burglar game, where you play as a wholesome goblin and your objective is to go around the house equip with a grappling hook to make the lives of the inhabitants a little bit more like home. (Cute, right)


Anyway, 48 hours, 2 of McDonalds finest medium meals, copious amounts of coffee and sleep deprivation later. We have moderately buggy, partially working, slightly unfinished game about a wholesome anti-burglar with a grappling hook. And I can’t think of a better result, while other peoples games are more polished and less buggy. I’m happy with what me and my team achieved.


As for what I personally contributed to the game, I recorded all the audio present in the game, plus another 3/4 of a GB that couldn’t be implemented due to a combination of running out of time and realising halfway through that we can’t use Wwise. I also, along with one of the programmers, implemented the sound into the Unity project (With the programmer doing more of the implementation).


Anyway, in closing, I’d like to thank my team once again, I’ll link all their stuff below so you can check out their awesome work and if said team are reading I really enjoyed the last 48 hours and look forward to the day our paths next cross.


But without further ado, here’s the game:




And you can find my team here:

Logan Rollins - Art and Design - https://twitter.com/LoggyMcFroggy

Michael Iorizzo - Programmer - https://twitter.com/mbiorizzo

Mark Sammut - Programmer - https://twitter.com/sammutma

Ross MacBean - Programmer - https://twitter.com/Roalmac

Justine Knight- Game design and narrative - https://twitter.com/JustinevKnight?s=09



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